Sunday, August 7, 2011

Roof joists - almost complete, interior walls 75% and temp scaffolding down

The end of the day on Friday marked the near completion of the house roof joist system except for the transition point from the gable roof to the celerestory roof section.  We also have to backfill and pour pads for the deck support before we can get the West end deck roof and garage installed.  Most of the temporary supports and scaffolding have been removed and there are only a few interior walls and the gable end walls (East and West) to be set.

 We did get two of the beams installed on Friday which is quite a chore.  These largest section of the glulam beams is 7" x 11 7/8" by 20' and weighs several hundred pounds.  With six people we managed to get the beam up on the supporting walls and then set one of the perpendicular beams in place (which is about 4 feet shorter).  Those beams have not been bolted together or bolted to the wall system yet so they are held in place by braces and nails in some of the blind spots on the walls.

 This weekend saw about 5" of rainfall but fortunately we have covered the glulams and other lumber with waterproof house wrap.  By this afternoon most of the water had dried up except for one or two areas on the main floor and severals low spots in the concrete basement floor.

  This weekend we got a suggestion for a reconfiguration of the bathroom which flows better.  It allows for a corner tub by the two windows, dual vanities on opposite sides of the bathroom and the toilet and shower will be against the back wall.  Those walls have not been framed so timing is just right.

  This week should bring the completion of the interior framing, possibly sheathing on some of the roof, and a meeting with the engineer/factory rep for the retaining wall system we will install.  Due to the height of the wall (over 4') it requires an engineered solution.  We may do near-final grading and backfill around the house towards the end of the week which will allow us to set the footings for the deck and get the slab prep work done for the garage and outbuilding.  One decision that will drive the timing of pouring the footings will be what we do with a well or go for public water - both of those will require access to the south side of the building which will be blocked once the deck and garage are started.

Beam #1 and (hidden from view) Beam #2 up.

Beams 1 and 2 viewed from the West end of the family room - this is Sunday after the rains fell on Saturday. Still covered and dry.

Looking down the walls from East to West.  Hard to see it in this picture but those studs are all perfectly in line.

The two overhead 2x4s mark the last beam that will be across the hallway and offset from the end of the hall by 6" to provide  room for backlighting of this beam.

Looking at the largest beam from the North West corner of the family room.  The kitchen is beyond the beam and ends at the stairwell (which is just this side of the next framed in ball.

Looking at the master bath from the South wall.  The door frame you see is for the closet doors for the room on the North side (closet back wall is yet to be framed on this side of the door.  

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