Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let there be a ROOF! (and what it looks like after 3" plus of rain w/out one)

Sunday we picked up 2000 SF of hard Wisconsin maple flooring that will cover the majority of the main floor.  We also had to clean up after the storms on Saturday which left the floor standing in water.  I expected to get to the site on Monday and have most of the floors drying out but it stormed again on Sunday night.  Below you can see what happens when you have flooring material that doesn't simply absorb all that water but contains it.  We had 1 1/2" of water over most of the main floor and more that had drained into the basement.  I spent about 3 hours in the morning sweeping/squeegeeing again.  While I was doing that the crew started roofing using the Zip roof system - the interesting thing about this is that the seams are not clipped nor are they toungue and groove.  Once the sheets are all down you tape the seams using an uber-strong tape.  To bond it well you then roll it with a special roller.  The sample rolled well during the demo was very hard to remove while that not rolled wasn't that difficult.  This flooring and roofing is warranted to be waterproof for 6 months and 10 months respectively without any other protection.  Pretty impressive.

Today the crew finished the clerestory roof section and walled up the East end of the house.  We still have to wait for the well drilling rig to get behind the house before we can put up the deck and finish the framing and sheathing of the roof.  We hope to be able to do that starting Friday but a lot depends on weather and if the soil is loose/muddy on Friday when the drilling rig arrives.
Here's the flooring after cleaning up some of the standing water on Monday morning

more of the water

and yet more..

the last view with water!

The back of the house with all roof sheathing (except the unbuilt deck) installed

The guys woking on the clerestory overhang.

This is the drive view at the end of the day on Tuesday - notice the shadow on the West end which will be he covered deck.  Perfect!  you should also be able to see the small bump in the roof over the front door which is the installed skylight.  It reflects the clerestory roof in miniature.  As the crew says No mas agua!

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