Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And the framing continues

Yesterday and today brought more interior wall framing and blocking.  In addition, 7 sections of the glulam beams were installed which really set the tone for the space.  Today the crew also framed the skylight well and installed the curb.  We changed the planned 2'x2' skylight to a 2'x4' skylight from Wasco with Nanogel installed.  This skylight is translucent but has an R-value of 9 which is about 9 times the typical home improvement store skylight.  Tomorrow the Zip roofing system will be delivered and Mario's crew will start the gable end walls and may start sheathing the roof.  There's 180-day dry-in warranty on the Zip system and that will help prevent the trapped water on the main floor. Yesterday we arrived at 7 AM to find standing water on the flooring from the overnight rainfall - we drilled drain holes and squeegeed the majority of the water out the door.  By noon most of the flooring was dried out so it wasn't overly concerning.

Framing interior walls continues - note the temp scaffolding constructed of 2x8's braced onto parallel walls - and in this case sloping with the roofline. 
A better shot of the sloped scaffolding.  

The central hallway beams partly installed - more cross beams will be installed from the entry hall down towards the master bedroom

Looking from the Central hallway from East to West.  The beams past Kevin's position will be the "false hallway" passing the kitchen on the left and the dining room on the right.
The skylight curb/box seen lying on your back in the entry hall - Although it may not look like it the box is centered (proven by the use of a plumb-bob) on the ridge.
The plumb-bob hanging on a string from the center of the skylight opening.

Looking down the hall (East to West) you can see the impact the beams have on the space.  It really does "make the space."

Another shot looking East to West at the beams.

Standing in the "kitchen hall" looking West to East

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