Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wall Set Day 1

Today we started setting the walls.  The team arrived at about 7:30 to begin their pre-set work which was to level the gravel, compact it, and ensure all the corner points were marked and square.  Kevin had to move some of the gravel to fill a big of the strip footing overdig and then they were prepared.  Surveyor showed up and cross checked everything with the crew and we started setting panels at about 11:30.  This series shows the first 6 panels being installed before the storms started.  I left the site about 2:30 and the crew was waiting to see if the storms had indeed left the area before risking erecting the big lightening rods called cranes!  Tomorrow we hope to finish setting the walls and next week will be the foundation prep-work and waterproofing of the walls that will be in contact with soil.  The concrete is waterproof in it's own right but to meet code we have to waterproof sub-grade walls.

Preparing the gravel for the wall set.
Positioning the man-lift for the crew to connect walls, attach bracing

The two cranes and man-lift ready to start the days work
The first two loads of panels (7 total) staged and waiting to enter the site

Setting the first panel in place

More of setting that first benchmark panel.

The second section to complete the Northeast corner of the house

Kevin's overseeing the install.  Second panel being secured.

Swinging the third panel into position (middle of the East wall)
Panel 5

View from the West to the East - 5 panels in with one cross-brace installed for support.  More bracing is actually installed across the top and one more at an opposing angle to this one.

The 6th panel on the way

and #6 is set

But then the skies began to open up.  It seemed that over 1" fell in about 30 minutes.  Lightening struck a tree just off the front of the trucks we were sitting in - just as we all thought it was stopping and safe to get out!

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