Monday, July 25, 2011

The start of the framing

Today the Rodriguez Builders crew started working on the framing for the basement walls which will also support the flooring for the main floor.  We had a slight delay due to finding mold on a rack of studs - Kevin made a quick run to Lowes to get enough to keep the crew working pending the replacement from the supply house.  They got the entire East end of house lapped with the 2x4 stud wall and were working on the load-bearing walls and interior walls when I left at about 2:45.  Once again the thunderstorms were broiling around the site - no rain by the time I left but it was threatening and it did rain with some pretty heavy thunder when I stopped at Lowes on the way home - which is about 10 miles from the site.

Here's what it looked like at the start of the day - Burlap is still on the slab to allow it to dry. 
This is the stud wall on the North and East walls.  

This and the next photo provide proof that this house is due south facing.  Note the shadows on those lugs for the deck - they're  nearly vertical and only because it's 1:19 are they slightly off.  I also like this picture because it shows the family room door and window wall that will be our view to the woods and intermittent stream to the south of the house.

More proof of Southerly orientation of the majority of the glass.  

I took this picture because I liked the perspective it provides from the South East corner of the clearing.   The dirt pile I'm standing on while taking this picture will be used for backfill of the foundation once the flooring system is installed.  

This is another picture of the South wall of the house - note the LVLs and TJIs stacked ready for the flooring to be installed in the next couple of days.

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