Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stickered Wood, Gravel for the footings, and Loan Approval

The last week has been a busy one - we've now got 21" of gravel on the floor of the excavated site, there's a wastewater pump for the basement bathroom, and we stickered (stacked) the wood for air drying.  We have 19 rows of 4 boards at 17' each with 18 of those being hickory and 1 row being red maple.  We still have to get the tin to cover the stack and protect it from the weather but the hard work is mostly done.  There's still some wood that needs stickering but it isn't in board form (edges are not squared off) and there's a whole pile of slabwood that we'll cut up for smoker use later.

 Yesterday was a very good day - we got word that the loan has been approved and we picked up a dog grooming tub off CraigsList at a much reduced price ( http://content.foreverstainlesssteel.com/) We got the Large Dog Tub.

  The windows and doors (all but the fire door) are ordered, we have a meeting later this week to discuss shop drawings for the walls.  We expect the walls to be manufactured next week and set the following week.  Power from the transformer to the house site is in the works as is the well - our next concern is how deep we have to go and how much water we'll get.  Neighbors have anywhere from 3 gpm to about 25 gpm so if we get something in the 6 to 9 gpm range we'll be very satisfied.

Later this week we'll go to closing on the loan - now to get plumbing fixtures ordered.  Pretty soon we'll need that storage unit for all the goods we're starting to collect.

The Hickory - some really nice character in this wood!

A close up of the Hickory

The finished (minus tin roof) stickered wood pile

21" of gravel footing - the "hole" in the middle is for concrete footings for load bearing walls

The sub-floor wastewater pump in the mechanical room of the basement

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