Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 2 of Clearing

 Lots of progress today.  It's pretty amazing to watch the professionals work with a bucket loader - our crew simply pushed the trees over and then made quick work of turning them into 16' sections ready for the sawmill.  For the Hickory trees they had to do a bit of digging around the base first but for the pines it was a matter of pushing on the trunk at about 8' off the ground.  I told the crew that the bucket operator had the job every boy dreamed of growing up.  He clearly knew the limits of the machine and was able to negotiate the tightest spots and gently nudge material when needed.  I have attached a few pictures of the days work - they hauled 7 loads of 'junk' off to the stump dump by 1:00 lunch break and were planning on finishing the clearing on Monday with excavation for the footings starting on Tuesday.  The surveyor will return to the site late on Monday to pin the house corners so the excavation is in the right spot.  It is absolutely amazing how quickly they can clear land when they work like this team did!

Hickory stacked for the sawmill - hard as nails and dulls a chainsaw in a hearbeat!

Loading up for the Stump Dump

House site from the "driveway" - truck is in the 'garage"

Looking across the house site - blue flags on the trees are the clearing limits - tree fence goes up after clearing is done or it just get's torn down by the branches. 
Third load of junk heading to the Stump Dump - about 5 miles round trip

The same view as yesterday - at about 11:00 this morning

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