Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pictures of Grading and the baking center marble

Ok, call me lazy.  I decided to do this the easy way and just add a new post showing the grading finished and adding the Carrera marble (installed today) baking center top.  It's lowered for better working with pastry, kneading dough for bread and stirring for shorter stature people.

We're still working through the soapstone dilemma in the kitchen but we're close to making that decision - costs are important but we want something that compliments the cabinets and other finishes in the house.

View from the North West corner of the clearing.  cloudy this morning so you aren't blinded by the sun

Looking more Northwest to Northeast across the teardrop shaped driveway

The road grader is about 50' from the road in this picture.  Drive is "paved" with crusher run which compacts down really hard and doesn't wash away as much as normal gravel.

looking down the drive

abour 3/4 of the way to the street from the house at this point

Southeast to Southwest view of the back yard.  Laster in the morning there was a bit of a downpour so the rainchains did their thing.

This picture makes it look washed out - the colors are richer but the flash fired here washing them out a bit.  Carrera marble for the baking section and we're thinking of Monsoon Wave or similar soapstone for the countertops and then a wood "bar top" on the island.

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