Tuesday, December 13, 2011

(Week 28) Pardon our dust - cabinets and granite/quartz selection

  It's hard to believe but last week marked the 6th month since we cleared the lot and began construction in earnest, it was about a month after that when we set the walls.  Well, yesterday we visited the cabinetmaker to drop off the handles to be installed (which he includes as part of the bid) and to pick up a couple doors for paint matching.

Our schedule for the coming weeks is pretty much focused on the inside of the house where we lay flooring, cabinets are installed, painting is done, doors are installed and trim carpentry is started (not necessarily in that order).  We're still working on the cable rail for the interior stairwell which is not an easy solution - the cost of custom newel posts is prohibitive so we're now focusing on less costly pre-fab solutions.  Getting answers from the plethora of dealers has been challenging - maybe business is that good they don't need ours but I suspect it's more that nobody is watching their in-box.  We may end up spending time ordering parts and designing our own solution.

Gutters and trim materials are ordered so the gutter system should be going on the house in the near future as well (once exterior painting is complete).

 The cabinets look fantastic and we think our choices for tile, marmoleum, and paint will match very well with the cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet minus the doors on the sink base - taking pictures in an active workshop is difficult due to dust in the air and on everything around- 
The basement bath vanity which is constructed of clear coated poplar.
Master bath cabinets constructed of maple
Doors for the master bath surround (left) and the downstairs linen closet (poplar on the right)
Today we visited the Stone yard and viewed loads of different natural and man-made materials from granite to quartz, soapstone to slate, and even some topaz.  There were over 80 different grades/colors to choose from and we found one we liked on the second row but continued through to see what else we liked.  There were several that we liked and some that just were not our style.  For instance there is a "leather" finish on some of the slabs which is a textured finish.  The leathering varied from light to deep - which mean that it was either a relatively smooth finish or a very rough finish like well scarred leather (which we didn't like, especially when done to an otherwise gorgeous slab of green soapstone).  We ended up choosing a slab that has significant movement and is a lightly leathered finish for the master bath which gets significant natural light (direct and indirect sunlight) and we figured the reflections would be hard to tolerate.  The amazing thing about this particular slab is it blended perfectly with the blue and tan tiles, the marmoleum, the maple cabinets/tub surround and the paint we selected.

Master bath granite slab that will comprise the vanities, shower ledge/curb and the tub surround - and that's James, our fabricator with his hand on the granite.

Viewed from a bit different angle

And from the opposite end

This shows the name and "LF" for leather finish (the name is on the tag - Juprana Venetian Lt).  As you can see here it's not a highly reflective finish.
We then went to the remnants yard of our fabricator and chose a couple of pieces that will go well in the hallway bathrooms; one is a green/tan granite for the downstairs bathroom and the second is a champagne pearl quartz that will go in the upstairs hall bath.  Unfortunately the pieces were in racks making it impossible to get a good photograph but we'll get pictures once we're in the templating mode; that will start after cabinet install which is tentatively scheduled the week between Christmas and New Years.

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