Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deck goes on and power run to the meter base

Well, yesterday was scheduled to be the inspection of the geothermal and well but not much else. Inspection went off without a hitch and we were getting prepared for the spray foam (scheduled for today) but were surprised when the power company showed up to trench for the power from the post to the house.  They made quick work of the trench but did manage to snag the drainage tile that runs from under the foundation to the slope in the back of the house.  They only damaged one of the two lines and once they were finished with the cable (which they put in PVC conduit) they left the trench open where the drain tile was so we could repair it.

  I've included more pictures of the house from all angles to show the perspective the deck now adds to it.  It's pretty amazing how much it changes the look of the house.  We still have to dig the footings and put the uprights in but by doing the install this way we get the deck sized appropriately and then dig the footings to match the footprint of the deck.

the crew showed up at about 2:30 to begin preparations for spray foam.  They sealed off the windows by adding to what we had done with housewrap and sprayfoam by stapling a plastic film over all the windows, doors, and exposed beams. This was to help prevent the inevitable spray-foam "dusting" of particulate on those items.  As the foam is sprayed on in a liquid form it creates a slight mist that settles on exposed surfaces - and we wanted to take extra precautions on the vinyl windows to prevent that mist from attaching itself permanently to the vinyl.  Tomorrow brings the real spray-foam application and then we will conduct a blower-door test on the house for the first time to assess the air leakage.  We have also scheduled a more formal multi-point test on Thursday to help us pinpoint any leakage areas so we can seal them before they blow in cellulose on Monday/Tuesday next week.  Today we prepared the Nanogel blankets for attaching them to the butt-joints where concrete is not covered by foam on the interior of the house (about 10" wide, running from the base of the walls up through the knee wall at the top).  We'll also spray-foam to fill the remaining void in those areas where possible so we get max insulation value.  Tomorrow we'll also dig more of the deck footings since we don't want to spend too much time in the house while they're spraying the foam (though we will have some pictures).  We'll also finish repairing the drainage tile since this weekend is supposed to be a bit rainy.

The well and goethermal trenches - well is the one at the base of this picture and geothermal comes in from the left then they both follow the same trench to the house.

Looking up towards the geothermal well - the loop (2 pipes) can be seen at the bottom of the trench here.

This is the geothermal well (at the base of the picture) and the loop running to the house.

Looking down at the geothermal well - note they simply snapped off the PVC sleeve and ran the loop over the edge.
Here's the recent power trench with the PVC conduit installed (you can see the cable coming out of the meter base on the left) and just where you see the start of the conduit in the trench is the gravel that contained the drainage tile. 

View of the house from the North East corner.

Looking from Northeast to Southwest.

This gives perspective to the deck and shows how it changes the otherwise plain looking back of the house.  We did manage to eat lunch on a 4x8 sheet of OSB placed on the deck framing yesterday.  

Another view of the back - looking from Southeast to Northwest.

The full back of the house.  This picture was taken at about 5:00 in the afternoon.

Looking at the deck from the Northwest corner.

And the view from the West.

Looking down the back of the house - from the Southwest corner.  The deck is about 5' off the ground at the close end and approaches 7' at the far end.

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