Sunday, September 18, 2011

We have a well - and the garage roof is up (almost)

They finished drilling the well on Friday - this time they hit a significant number of fractures on the way to the 545 foot depth.  On Thursday when they finished they were at about 420 feet and we had about 1 gallon flow rate.  Anyone who has drilled a well knows that this is all an estimate because you try to capture all the water escaping from the well in a gallon bucket and time how long it takes to fill.  Friday morning they blew the well out - it had water up to about 70' from the surface which provides some significant storage (420-70=350 feet of storage at 1 1/2 gallons per foot of well depth).  They drilled down to a total depth of 545 feet and gained another 1/2 gallon or so of flow rate.  One thing they were very upbeat about was the number of fractures they encountered on the way down as well as the changing colors of the well casting coming up.  We ranged from brown, to blue, green and the "dreaded" purple but the changes were fairly frequent which is a good sign that we're crossing different levels.

   They cemented in the casing (this time only 47 feet of casing) and the inspector was on site at 12:00 so the well is now official.

The framing crew finished up Thursday by using up the Zip roof they had but not quite able to finish the garage roof.  They did zip-tape and roll all the seams and as they were finishing that the skies opened up again with a downpour of rain.

Friday was HVAC crew working to finish some of the work including ERV hard-pipe ducting and finishing routing the chases from the mechanical room.  Kevin and I occupied ourselves by drilling holes in the concrete walls for the dryer vent (4") and the make-up air vent for the range hood (6").  We didn't get to drill the two ERV (8") holes because we ran out of time.  Interestingly enough we managed to find the rebar on both of the holes we did drill so we had to switch to a hammer-drill and sawz-all to cut the remaining concrete and rebar out.  We left the sawz-all work to the HVAC guys.

Saturday we hit the Reuse Warehouse and scored some tile for the hall bathrooms - we got all the tile for the showers in both bathrooms for under $2 per square foot and that included some  12 x 24 linen style tiles that are really cool looking.  We managed to get 14 x 14 tiles (81 of them) and enough matching bullnose for the other shower.  We are now planning out the master bathroom but will not make the purchase for that until we have the bathtub deck built.  On that subject, the windows and doors from Germany should arrive on Wednesday afternoon and we'll start installing them that afternoon.  We're all excited to see these doors and windows as well as to witness their installation. We're using the German system for mounting which entails expanding foam tape (top and sides), screws into the concrete, and two separate tape seals on the bottom.  These doors and windows will be the next big transformation of the house and will enable us to start the sealing in earnest.

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