Monday, September 26, 2011

Front Door, Clerestory, and stairwell frame installed

Today was the big day - we unwrapped and installed the front door as well as assembling the stairwell window frame and installing it.  The framers also installed the clerestory windows and we pulled one piece of glazing so Armin could see it and report findings to the plant in Germany.  Basically one part of a seal on a window appeared to have separated from the glazing slightly and there was slight damage to the vinyl on a couple of the window units.

 Armin came along to advise us on the installation for the large units to include the doors which had different hinges than we had experienced before.  Armin spent more time than we expected getting very involved in the work and ensuring things fit and operated properly.    It was a long day but well worth the final results as you can see in the picture.  The door is probably unique in the US - and it weighs about 400 pounds!  Fortunately we were able to remove the door from the frame before installing it - but the glass in the transom and sidelight remained in the frame.  The opening for the door was a bit too close on tolerance so we had to do a bit of concrete grinding - Kevin did the grinding and I simply operated the vacuum to avoid the dust from getting on everything in the house.

The stairwell window is two pieces joined in the middle with a 1/4" thick piece of steel bolted in between the two for strength.  We haven't installed any glazing in that so I don't have pictures.  We also assembled part of the 3-piece family room window(s) - the middle is a tilt-and-turn window while the two outer panes are fixed glazing.

The clearstory windows are similar to the large window in that the middle window opens - it is a hopper (casement turned on its side to open from the top only) that is operated by a 16' long removable crank arm.  The opening portion of all the windows is screened so we can take advantage of the nice weather in the shoulder seasons (including the stack-effect where the rising heat goes out the clerestory and is drawn in through open windows elsewhere in the house).
These are the before and after pictures of the front entry - a pretty dramatic change.

A distance view of the front entry before the door goes in - the windows on the ground level are in but the clerestory are not yet in.

Close up of the font entry - living room to the left of the door, formal dining room to the right.

Now there's a great looking front door. If suits the house pefectly.  

a little wider view of the front entry (living room left, formal dining room right) .  The clerestory frames are installed at this point but difficult to see in this picture.  

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