Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blown cellulose day 2 and Sheetrock arrives

Today was day two of the blown cellulose application.  Yesterday they netted the ceiling and a couple of the deeper walls and started applying the cellulose.  They finished the ceiling this morning and the county inspector completed his inspection so we're cleared to install the sheetrock.  While there we had the inspector verify the footings for the deck so on Monday we'll pour concrete and get the permanent supports installed shortly thereafter.

  They finished the rest of the main level of blown cellulose today.  For the walls where no netting is used the cellulose is applied damp - water is added to the mix as it exits the nozzle which activates the adhesive in the cellulose. Once the wall cavity is overfilled, another person goes behind with a scrubber that is basically a motorized roller that rests on the studs and peels back the excess cellulose making a flat wall.  The excess is then vacuumed up into the sprayer hopper and remixed in a controlled manner with the fresh so it's applied again.  The process produces very little waste product.
Mike from Blown Rite Insulation spraying the master bedroom wall for soundproofing - they apply netting to the opposite side of the wall and then spray in the activated cellulose.  This sound barrier will go from the floor all the way to the roof (and ceiling in this case) as well as surrounding the entire master suite.
Here's a picture of the same process as above but with a flash to show the airborne particles of celliulose.Additionally today the framing crew returned to finish off the trim prep around the doors and windows in prep for the sheetrock crews and painters.  They also put the stairwell wall in to allow sheetrock to be installed.

Here's a view of the front bedroom (quilting room) without the flash showing the insulated walls ready for sheetrock.

The surprise of the day was the arrival of the sheetrock.  It was supposed to be delayed until tomorrow to allow the insulation crew to be more complete but the truck arrived around noon.  The craned the sheetrock over the remaining metal roof crates and placed it on carts for wheeling into the main floor.  They then craned the downstairs sheetrock over the retaining wall and down to the door on the East end of the house.  About 3/4 of the way through the delivery a light rain started so we helped hump the sheetrock into the basement to prevent water damage where possible  A couple of the top sheets got a bit of water on them but for the most part it stayed dry.  The sheetrock crew is scheduled to arrive early Monday to begin their work and we anticipate it will be done by Wednesday morning.
Sheetrock truck on arrival - the sheetrock is delivered in 48" panels for the ceilings and 54" panels for the walls.  It was in 10' and 12' lengths.  The sheetrock was stacked two-wide on the truck.
Hoisting the sheetrock over the roofing crates and into the garage.

The final piece of the work being accomplished today was the roofing crew putting on the ridge cap and flashing around the skylight and clerestory.  They still have to finish that as well as finish the SouthWest corner of the roof once they get the two 37' sections ordered.

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