Friday, May 13, 2011

Permit Applications Submitted

Thursday was the day we submitted applications to get permits for the well, septic and erosion control, and notify the County for waste/recycling practices during construction.  Once all those are approved we'll then be able to submit the final building permit.

  Because the well site wasn't determined when we got the improvement permit (which determines buildable house size/septic system type and grants approval to apply for the construction permit) we have to revisit the site with the inspector to ensure we comply with the separation requirements between the well and septic field (100' minimum by code) when taken into the context of the land contours.

Today we're finalizing our door and window selections - there is a question on requirements for one of the doors that requires a code interpretation so that may be a bit of a slow-down.  We have modified the plans slightly to reduce some unnecessary doors while adding a couple of closets that were not included in our plans.  Overall this meant the door budget was staying pretty steady.  We had the door supplier quote both Poplar and Birch doors - but we do like the looks of the birch better sine we're not painting them but we warn to reveal the beauty of the wood.  Birch is slightly more expensive than Poplar for doors but it's only about 3% of the overall cost.

 Our next big thing will be to get the contract and specs to the bank, then submitting the orders for the windows & exterior doors from Germany (Hoco) and the pre-cast walls.  Because of the costs of all those components and the requirement to order them early, we have to be sure we correctly specify what we want so we don't get into a bind when things are delivered and ready for installation.

Next week looks like it may be a big check-writing week.

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